There should be no guilty pleasures

Sometimes the best films are the worst. 


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A rock and roll Friday night

A rock and roll Friday night

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Can I work here?



Can I work here?

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Forgotten Bookmarks…

Spending time in second-hand bookshops is probably the thing that makes me absolutely the happiest. All book shops and libraries are places that make me feel relaxed, and I can wile away hours in all of them, but there is something about going home with a stack of second-hand books that is extra special. I love the idea that I’m not the first owner and that they could have meant as much to someone as my favourite books mean to me. Sitting in front of my bookshelf and flicking through my collection (and, I must admit coming up with sad new ways to categorise and organise the shelves) is my favourite past-time.

Which is why I LOVE this blog… it’s a collection of all the things that someone who works in a second-hand book shop has found amongst the pages of their stock. Incredible.

These are my favourite so far… but there are hundreds to browse through

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Music to study to…

I’m trying very hard to catch up on some reading for uni… spending an entire day sat alone at my desk with a pile of social law and theory articles doesn’t exactly fly by unfortunately… a playlist of music that isn’t too distracting but also doesn’t become too easy-listening is essential. Today’s most successful picks… 

  1. Pictures of You - The Cure
  2. Home - She & Him
  3. Runaway - Kany West feat. Pusha T
  4. Secretly - Skunk Anansie
  5. Tiny Dancer - Elton John
  6. How Soon is Now? - The Smiths
  7. When Doves Cry - Prince
  8. Lovesong - The Cure
  9. Too Young to Die - Gabby Young and Other Animals
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Album of the week…

We’re All in This Together - Gabby Young and Other Animals

beautiful, lyrical, lovely, multi-instrumental folk/pop/blues.

Just great

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Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

Sometimes, human beings and technology can achieve some really cool, really amazing things. This is one of the them.


Brooklyn Dad and Kid Send iPhone Into Outer Space — Daily Intel

In a burst of science-is-fun educational invention, a Brooklyn dad built a carrier for an iPhone (the current model) and an HD video camera, out of a takeout box, tied it to a weather balloon, and let it go with the camera running. It reached a height of nineteen miles, or about 100,000 feet, which is high enough to show the earth’s curvature and a black sky above the atmosphere. At that height, the low pressure means that the helium expanded and the balloons burst, whereupon the little cushioned capsule came down, down, down — and landed 30 miles outside New York, signaling to its owners via the iPhone’s GPS, whereupon they went and picked it up. The resulting six minutes of rivetingly weird film are sure to make Mythbusters fans weep with joy.

This is so fucking wonderful. Every part of it.

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Reasons why I fell in love with Son of Dave last night…

  1. He looks like John Malkovich. Even sounds a bit like him. Uncanny
  2. There was a pinata
  3. And a sombrero, and a poncho
  4. He gave away chocolate digestives
  5. The story about how the encore was invented by his great great grandfather. Igloos are involved, obviously
  6. It led to me finding this video

Truly, truly excellent

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Not much cohesion to this, just the songs I’ve had on repeat or discovered I like this week…

  1. Selfmachine - I Blame Coco
  2. Power - Kanye West
  3. Hi-Definition - Lupe Fiasco feat. Snoop Dogg and Pooh Bear
  4. Wait For Me - Anais Mitchell feat. Ben Knox Miller and Justin Vernon
  5. My Baby Just Cares For Me - Nina Simone
  6. Cherry Lips - Garbage
  7. Blood Bank - Bon Iver
  8. Like A Prayer - Madonna
  9. Change of Seasons - Sweet Thing
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Last Leaf

OK Go | Myspace Music Videos

1. this is amazing

2. I wish I had the patience (we’ll pretend I definitely have the talent) to create something like this

3. Watching this reminds me I’ve yet to have breakfast… coffee and some sort of breaded goodness are now all I can think about

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"Bookshops are a valuable destination for the lonely given all the books that were written because authors couldn’t find anyone to talk to"
Alain de Botton
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